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Managing your online advertising budget provides you the most cost effective and efficient return on your investment.  Google Adwords, Bing and Yahoo offer ways to get leads in the door, wtihin minutes and targeted to your customers, by utilizing pay per click advertsing.  These programs show your ads to prospective customers, while they are specifically looking for the product or service your company offers

Experienced Managers Save You $$

Online advertising management can be complicated and time consuming.  It can be very expensive if it isn't handled by experienced, trained people that understand the various approaches to PPC ad creation, testing and key phrase bidding.  Lenox Media personally handles and monitors all PPC campaigns, ensuring your budget gets the desired results.  PPC can be a precision tool in your marketing toolbox, bringing qualified customers to your website.  We work closely with agency teams at Google and other marketing companies, using the top online professionals to review campaign performance. 

The best approach comes from identifying the best keywords, while avoiding phrases and words that don't convert into customers.  This makes sure you aren't paying too much for your online marketing dollars.  The PPC team develops ad content and properly links into your website for maximum conversion.  By routinely monitoring and testing click thru rates we can ensure spend optimization.

Use Pay Per Click to promote seasonal offers, special pricing, or supporting your marketing efforts with a  consistent message.  We concentrate on results PPC campaigns generate, as opposed to cost per thousand based online advertising.  Let us explain the differences with you.

To discuss a custom PPC campaign, let's schedule a time to talk and review your Internet Marketing efforts or questions.

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